The Gift of My Weird Publishing Project

If you’re new to this series that began in November 2017, “My Weird Publishing Project” is “weird” because I broke a six hundred page journal about an awakening experience into three separate stories and published it as a trilogy in just over a year.  In blogging about it, I publicly explored my spiritual journey.  Two of the books were written here, chapter by chapter, and each step of the indie author experience was documented along the way. These are the first three books in the Burnout to Bliss series:

In “WHY Do My Weird Indie Publishing Project?”* I reminded readers that knowing one’s “why” for writing is critical, especially for non-fiction, and I explored all the ways my reason for writing those books had changed as I wrote them.  That article concluded with:

My “why” for writing the series was no longer just a “passion piece” for my nieces. It wasn’t even about helping others. Instead, I now believe it was about healing old wounds so I could let go, surrender, and move on with my life. Some part of me must have known this would happen because in Book 1 the Preface identified the title for the next book as Surrender.

Finally understanding the true “why” for writing that trilogy, I am convinced that I was guided to do this project, not for others, but for myself — to complete the healing of events and my weird relationship with Mom that happened so very long ago.

But the healing process didn’t stop with the realization that the writing was actually for my own healing. In the month since that article was published, I have experienced more revelations about my relationships, life choices, and other personal behaviors rooted in the negative self-image created by those events “that happened so long ago.”

Not only that, but my morning meditation time has been interrupted by images of old life stories. The same is true with my “settle down meditation” before going to bed.  The experience reminds me of old movies where the guy gets to review his life to learn why he’s where he is now.

Because Ho’Oponopono clears the decks and wipes out those kinds of memories, I’ve spent a lot of time “cleansing” by acknowledging (but not dwelling on) the memories that appear and then repeating these four statements:

  • I’m sorry.
  • Please forgive me.
  • Thank you.
  • I love you.

And the results? Each day I feel lighter and lighter as if I’ve shed pounds of emotional baggage I didn’t even know I had been carrying.  My intuition has elevated.  I see clearly.  Setting boundaries is no longer a challenge.  I know what works for me and what doesn’t, and I find it easy to express it without emotion.

And now I realize that the real gift of doing my weird indie publishing project has been the opportunity to continue healing myself because all that stuff that happened so long ago had affected my current life in ways I could not imagine.

I know it’s difficult for some people to grasp what I’m talking about.  They cannot understand why anyone would want to “go there.”  They say things like “Just move on.”

I can accept their perspective because it once was mine, too!  Coming to terms with your life is a personal thing, and some people shy away from personal things.  Understanding “how you got there” takes conscious introspection and “seeing the big picture.”  However, until we do such work, I believe we can see only what’s in our tiny parts of the world — not how our behavior affects others.

And the gift of such introspection, at least for me, is precious because it elevates my ability to walk the path of LOVE — instead of FEAR/HATE — and makes it easier to love others, especially the difficult ones.

[Book 4, BLISS, is about having more joy in life. If you want to be among the first to know when it’s published, please visit Burnout to Bliss (just click it), and then scroll down to click the red link on that page.]

How About You?

Why did you write your personal story, your memoir?

Till next time, please be kind to everyone you meet for we all have our hidden sorrows.  ~Tzaddi


Burnout to Bliss Series

Book 1, BURNOUT — How a Desert Lizard Restored My Faith, is the story about a professional woman’s experience with extreme burnout coupled with spiritual confusion and how she tried everything from psychiatrists to psychics. But it was the camping trip with Indian Shamans in Mexico that finally made a difference.

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Book 2, CYCLING in the CITY — How I got My Confidence Back, has two parts. Part I is the author’s story of discovering the damage to her self-esteem and confidence and then taking action to heal it. This was the first break-away, the one she thought would last a year. Part II includes methods for making significant changes in your life.

Get your copy HERE.


What if you believed that the universe was FOR you?

Longing to experience such support for herself, Pam journeyed for two years seeking healing from career burnout and spiritual crisis. Because she had sublet her home, she had no place to live for at least another year. In an uncharacteristic leap of faith, she plunged into the unknown.

If you like stories about a personal life-changing experience, then you’ll love reading 2 years 1 paycheck 0 plans.

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Thanks for stopping by! ~Pam Young


*”WHY Do My Weird Indie Project?”

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