Articles: My Weird Indie Publishing Project

There is no ending to a project when you are an indie author unless your book was a best-seller first time out. Even books published the old way get tweaked.

You might have noticed that your favorite read went through an evolution of different covers, book descriptions, and titles. One that comes to mind is Dare to Be Great by  Terry Cole-Whittaker. That book was first published as Every Saint Has A Past, Every Sinner a Future.

Things change in the publishing business. And we learn more every week about those changes if we’re committed to being a writer.

Am I still committed? Hmm. At this point, I am uncertain. Depends on you.

I have learned a lot and consider My Weird Indie Publishing Project like any other school. To put it in perspective, this experience (so far) has still been cheaper than getting certified to teach junior high.

I had hoped that sharing this indie journey would help family and friends understand the process, but my target audience was people like me who wanted to hear first-hand from another beginner. And those who want to learn more about being an indie author but don’t know where to start.

Including this one, I have blogged forty-seven articles,  roughly 47,000 words, about the Burnout to Bliss journey — My Weird Indie Publishing Project — from conception to publishing (see list in reverse order below).  That’s more pages than most of the books have that I read about indie author publishing.

If you have learned even one thing from my articles, if you want me to continue writing about the indie author journey, please consider showing your support by buying at least one of the books from the Burnout to Bliss series.

Thanks for reading! ~Pam

Book 1, BURNOUT — How a Desert Lizard Restored My Faith, is the story about a professional woman’s experience with extreme burnout coupled with spiritual confusion and how she tried everything from psychiatrists to psychics to get well. But it was camping with Indian Shamans in Mexico, in a culture drastically different from her own, that finally made a difference.

Get your copy HERE.



Book 2, CYCLING in the CITY — How I got My Confidence Back, has two parts. Part I is the author’s story of discovering the damage to her self-esteem and confidence and then taking action to heal it. This was the first break-away, the one she thought would last a year. Part II includes methods for making big changes in your life.

Get your copy HERE.



What would it be like if you believed that the universe was FOR you?

Longing to experience such support for herself, Pam journeyed for two years seeking healing from career burnout and spiritual crisis. Because she had sublet her home, she had no place to live for at least another year.In an uncharacteristic leap of faith, she plunged into the unknown.

If you like stories about personal life-changing experience, then you’ll love reading 2 years 1 paycheck 0 plans.

Get your copy HERE.


Till next time, please be kind to everyone you meet for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

The list: My Weird Indie Publishing Project

46. Keep Up With Your Indie Biz

45.  “Why” Do My Weird Indie project?

44. Intention of an Indie Author

43.  How to Pick Publishing Categories

42.  New Descriptions

41.  Catch 22 for Indies re’ Pre-Orders

40.  Fun Stuff (for Indies)

41.  Back Cover Description and Formatting

39.  “How Much Are You Making?”

38.  The Meaning of a Title

37.  Title, Book 3

36.  POLL: Title for Book 3, Burnout to Bliss

35.  Lessons Learned As an Indie Author

34.  Update: names…

33.  Update: How “Weird” Began

32.  Update: the personal cost of being an indie author

31.  What’s in a name? A lot!

30.  Invisible Book 2 Launch

29.  Staying the Course, Accepting Where You Are

28.  Book 2

27.  Recovery from Crisis: Cosmic Thumps

26.  Recovering from Zip Planning

25.  Why You Need a Written Plan

24.  A “Crazy” New Way to Increase Your Sales

23.  5 Ways to Support your Favorite Indie Author

22.  Tracking Results of 1st Launch

21.  Lessons learned: First Book Launch Part 2

20. Lesson learned: First Book Launch, Part 1

19.  Joy! The process of publishing my weird indie project

18.  About the book launch

17.  Book Poll

16.  Book Cover Poll

15.  Metadata!

14.  Timeline: Draft to Launch

13.  The big WHY in editing Memoirs

12.  Dancing with Your Editor

11.  Find Your Editor

10.  Revised Title Poll, Book 1

9.  Naked, Drunk, and Writing: Planning My Memoir

8.  How I Wrote My Memoir

7.  10 Lessons Learned: Beta readers

6.  After the Launch is Over: Guest post

5.  Beta Readers!

4. Indie Publishing: My WEIRD Project

3. New Blog!

2. New Blog Alert

1.  Is Anyone There?





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