The Last Blog Post?

“Skating Thru 2012” was an experiment to see if Doc Roberts was right — that if I got a blog and dumped all the stuff inside my head, I would be able to identify what I wanted to do.

That was in November 2011, during the last session in a Continuing Education class I had taken at the college: “Internet Business.” His comment was in response to my raised hand when he had asked, “Is there anyone left who still doesn’t know what they want to do?”

I wrote one “post” a week–even after two surgeries affecting my dominant hand. That’s a total of 329 posts!

I found my groove: I can knock out an edited 1,000 word post in three hours unless it has photos or other media, and then it takes four hours.

I blogged about life — how to live well and be happy, sharing what I had learned in my life-long spiritual search. I wrote about the law of attraction and taught it in baby steps — like how to keep a positive attitude. And I shared from my counseling practice… about topics such as suicide,  depression, and getting through the holidays when you’re alone.

At least I did until December 2012 when the new owner of the vacant lot next to me bulldozed the beloved apple tree where deer used to hang out with me and my cats. And then I blogged about the construction and posted lots of photos.

From then on, it seemed I was blogging about my life — surgeries and learning to be an indie author. And then I actually blogged each chapter of the books I was writing about the awakening experience in 1988-1991 that ended my spiritual search. (Got it! Check! Roger That!) That trilogy, Burnout to Bliss, was completed, edited, and published. The last book, 2 years 1 paycheck 0 plans came out March 9 of this year.

This one was the most fun of the three to write. I got to re-live the feeling of being the Fool (in Tarot), poised on the edge of a cliff with a tiny knapsack and my tiny dog.

I laughed about Dr. Young trusting the universe because at that time she was a “woman in charge” and a serious workaholic.

What was the most fun for me was that I experienced an epiphany in writing that last chapter. I’ve only had a few, but they rock me right down to the core each time! Whew!

But having written that trilogy, and having dumped most of what I know about life in these blog posts for most of 7.5 years, I can honestly say it…

I finally know what I want to do! I want to keep writing!

But not here. If I had experienced more interactions with readers, I might have stayed because I do love people. I’m the girl who chats with people when I walk or buy groceries or go to the post office. I like hearing other people talk. I like to hear their thoughts on just about anything. But if I’m going to be writing my heart out and getting no response, I’d rather be writing books or articles.

Why am I bringing this up now?

WordPress sent me an email reminding me that if I didn’t notify them by today, then on March 17, my subscription would auto-renew. It was not an easy decision, obviously, because I’m only doing it now (as soon as I save this).

As we said in the 60s, “It’s been real, and it’s been fun…”

If I’m too late to stop the renewal, that might actually be a good thing because there are links in the backs of my books to the “landing page” (the BURNOUT tab) on this blog.

Ha! Once again, writing about something has helped clear the fog.

I will leave the blog as is–let it auto-renew–for “the landing page” until I figure out what I want to do about that…

Thanks for stopping by. And please remember:

Treat everyone you meet with kindness, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Pam Young


6 responses to “The Last Blog Post?

  1. rodbalderree

    Great blog. Tomorrow is our 45th anniversary and we have tickets to a touring Broadway show, Dirty Dancing. I celebrated yesterday by cleaning out the fridge on the back porch. Three jars of maraschino cherries, one of which had never been opened but which also had a use by date of 1998. Three bottles of Bob’s steak sauce which I’m pretty sure I’ve never tasted and various weird beers that Carol doesn’t like.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Thanks for writing, Pam! Can’t say I’ve been a regular follower, but as a fellow 2012 blogger (who gave up her end-of-the-world blog when the world thankfully did not end!), I appreciate the great effort blogging takes and applaud your decision to keep writing in a different forum.

    Best of luck!



  3. I would love to see that touring Broadway show, Dirty Dancing! Tell what you think of it. Good job! re’ cleaning out that fridge. “1958!” And I thought I was bad when I found a “best used by” date of February 2018. Re’ weird beers: must have had a party, eh? Happy Anniversary, Rod! and thanks for stopping by. ;>)


  4. Thanks, Kate! I got a lot from doing it, but now my heart lies elsewhere. Just gotta do it. ;>)


  5. So, then! Onward to more writing! I commend the years you’ve presented your writing On SkatingThrough2012…..many of which certainly got me thinking things over, which often resulted in another, more positive way of seeing/feeling/ pondering meaning in my own life. I look forward to more, albeit via a new venue. Blessings, Pam!

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  6. Thanks, Daphne! That means a lot to me. I’m considering young adult or even older children’s books Or maybe screenplays. I really loved writing Hot Licks & The Bag Lady…


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