Update: My Weird Indie Publishing Project

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that Burnout to Bliss is a series of books I’m publishing about an extraordinary two-year experience that began with a dark night of the soul or nervous breakdown, depending on whether you ask my psychiatrist or one of my former colleagues.

It was just before NaNoWriMo last year (2016) when I was getting ready to write by the seat of my pants when a little voice kept saying “Find that box of journals…” That story is told in the “Afterword” (the “How the book came to be” part) of BURNOUT.

If you’re not following the series — (and if you’re not, then why are you here?) — the descriptions below will bring you up to speed in “Cliff’s Notes” style.

About the Burnout to Bliss Series

(1) Burnout is the story of a workaholic who experienced “dark night of the soul” or existential crisis. The tale begins with a murder that happened while she was lecturing. It relates all the ways the author sought relief – from self-medication (alcohol, drugs, and men) to psychics to counseling and psychiatry. It shows how real healing began when the author camped with shamans in a culture vastly different from her own.

BURNOUT is now FREE! On Amazon.  And Books2Read.

The first get away from that extreme situation was to a “sanctuary” in California as related in Book 2, CYCLING in the CITY. That get-away apparently was presented simply to heal myself enough to take the next step.

“Somehow, in the process of regaining my confidence and self-respect with my little bicycle project, I also got off the fence about suicide.”

CYCLING in the CITY is a story about overcoming limitations –one small step at a time. It’s also about the process of making life changes – like why resolutions don’t stick. It shows how you can plan for success instead of failure – even how to make tough changes like quitting smoking, alcohol or drugs. And, it includes the underlying SECRET for success!

CYCLING n the CITY is available OnAmazon here.  On other venues HERE.

(3) The real story of the ego surrendering control began when that sanctuary was no longer available and I became like The Fool (Tarot card, pictured here), jumping off a cliff with a tiny knapsack and a little dog for company… Book 3 is a full-length book, currently sitting at 80,579 words. It’s a tale of letting go and trusting that life is good and safe and that all needs will be met even before I realize I have them. It is the final story of an awakening experience, my two-year journey with one modest paycheck and no plans that was launched with BURNOUT. (Working title is Practicing SURRENDER.)

And now, the UPDATE:

The “final draft” is being read by diverse persons in the United States. I had considered publishing it here, on this blog, one chapter at a time, for feedback. However, because there is very little interaction from readers, I determined that doing so would be a giant waste of time. Therefore, Book 3 is “in the works” and will be published “in the near future.”

If you would like to know when the book is available please add your name to the list:


This is no doubt my last post until at least March 2018 when I decide whether or not to continue this blog. I’m in the middle of the publishing process with Book 3 and I intend to draft Book 4, the final word in this series OR the first sci-fi/fantasy in a new trilogy before the Smarter Artists’ Summit in late February, in Austin, Texas, my old stomping grounds. Who knows what might happen!

I’ve really enjoyed writing for this blog because it has invited me to experience a commitment to regular writing.

I had just finished Doc Roberts’ internet class (through Continuing Education) and in the last meeting he asked if there was anyone who still didn’t have a clue about a topic for their internet business. I raised my hand. He nodded and said something like, “You need to do a blog. You’re full up to here (pointing above his head) and just need to let it all out.”*

On the way to my car after that last session in November 2011, I got the idea for the title, “Skating Thru 2012” because everyone was talking about how the world (as we know it) would end in December of 2012. (It was a computer thing…)

But I’m not prone to the “fear response.” (Please read BURNOUT to discover how I got there). I tend to “skate thu” such fear-based proclamations. (“Skating” is an attitude.) This blog was my opportunity to share “what’s happening now” in my life, what I know, what I’ve learned in the process… for six years!

As we used to say, “It’s been fun and it’s been real …”

Now, it’s time to focus on my self.

Till next time, please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!

Pam Young

*At that time, Doc Roberts was the snowboard king.

2 responses to “Update: My Weird Indie Publishing Project

  1. Your books sound great, I’ve added the first one to my read list ☺


  2. Thanks. If you enjoy it please tell your friends. If not, please tell me. ;>)


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