Free How-to Book for Indy Authors!

Sometimes something comes along that you just have to share. When I got this email from Dave (Kindlepreneur) this morning, I asked if I could re-post the entire thing here. “Of course!” he said. So don’t wait! Read his email, read Dave’s post about Super Urls, and get that free book today! (I paid $8+ for it as a preorder!)

On 2/7/2017 9:03 AM, Dave at Kindlepreneur wrote:

Hi Pam,

I’m super excited about today’s new post.


A couple of months ago, I over heard someone at a conference telling a group of authors about a great new hack.

He said using some self-created special links, you could instantly increase your book sales…

And authors were eating it up!

But here’s the thing…

What he was talking about is SUPER dangerous…

So dangerous, that they may be the single reason why you’re losing legitimate reviews for your book.

And the worse part is that many of you are probably using them and you don’t even know it.

Today’s article will not only expose the Amazon Super URL tactic this guy was talking about, but will help you to keep your legitimate reviews clean and free.

Check out the new post here.

Here are some of the goodies you’ll learn from today’s guide:
– What are Amazon Super URLs
– How are they killing your reviews
– How to find out if you’re using them – you might even without knowing it

So, go check out what Amazon URLs are all about right now.

Free Book – Published

Chandler Bolt’s widely successful book on self-publishing called “Published” is being given away for free right now.

I’ve got a copy on my bookshelf and with 168 5-stars, it’s pretty pretty wise choice. So, pick up your copy here.

Dave Chesson
The Amazon Myth Buster Chesson

If you missed the free video, it’s here:


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