“Hands-off Healing”: Ho’oponopono

zerolimitslReading about Joe Vitale’s experience with Ho’oponopono — what I’m calling “Hands-Off Therapy” because it’s about cleansing one’s memories, getting to a place of “zero” — I am compelled to share it with you. Excerpted from Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. is the article that “went viral” maybe 10 years go about Ho’oponopono:

Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono
Being 100% Responsible For The Problems of My Clients”
By Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. and Charles Brown, LMT

In traditional approaches to problem solving and healing, the therapist begins with the belief that the source of the problem is with the client, not within him. He believes that his responsibility is to assist the client in working through his problem. Could these beliefs have resulted in systemic burnout throughout the healing profession?

To be an effective problem solver, the therapist must be willing to be 100% responsible for having created the problem situation; that is, he must be willing to see that the source of the problem are erroneous thoughts within him, not within the client. Therapists never seem to notice that every time there is a problem, they are always present!

Being 100% responsible for actualizing the problem allows the therapist to be 100% responsible for resolving it. Using the updated Ho’oponopono approach, a process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation developed by Kahuna Lapa’au Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a therapist is able to have erroneous thoughts within himself and within the client transmuted into perfect thoughts of LOVE.

Her eyes brimmed with tears. Deep trenches enclosed the corners of her mouth. “I am worried about my son,” Cynthia sighs softly. “He’s back on drugs again.” As she tells her painful story, I begin the cleaning of the erroneous thoughts within me that have actualized as her problem.

As erroneous thoughts are replaced by loving thoughts in the therapist and in his family, relatives and ancestors, they are replaced too in the client and in her family, relatives and ancestors. The updated Ho’oponopono process allows the therapist to work directly with the Original Source who can transmute erroneous thoughts into LOVE.

Her eyes dry up. The trenches around her mouth soften. She smiles, relief dawning across her face “I don’t know why but I’m feeling better.” I do not know why too. Really. Life is a mystery except to LOVE who knows all. I just let it go at that, and just thank LOVE from whom all blessings flow.

In problem solving using the updated Ho’oponopono process, the therapist first takes his []-Dentity, his Mind and connects it up with the Original Source, what others call LOVE or GOD. With the connection in place, the therapist then appeals to LOVE to correct the erroneous thoughts within him that are actualizing as the problem for himself first and for the client second. The appeal is a process of repentance and forgiveness on the part of the therapist—“I am sorry for the erroneous thoughts within me that have caused the problem for me and for the client; please forgive me.”

In response to the repentance and forgiveness appeal of the therapist, LOVE begins the mystical process of transmuting the erroneous thoughts. In this spiritual correction process, LOVE first neutralizes the erroneous emotions that have caused the problem, be they resentment, fear, anger, blame or confusion. In the next step, LOVE then releases the neutralized energies from the thoughts leaving them in a state of void, of emptiness of true freedom.

With the thoughts empty, free, LOVE then fills them with Itself. The result? The therapist is renewed, restored in LOVE. As the therapist is renewed so is the client and all involved in the problem. Where there was despair in the client, there is LOVE. Where there was darkness in her soul, there is now the healing Light of LOVE.

The Self I- Dentity Through Ho’oponopono training teaches people who they are and how they can solve problems moment to moment, and in the process be renewed and restored in LOVE. The training begins with a two-hour free lecture. Attendees are given an overview of how thoughts within them actualize as spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, relational and financial problems in their lives and in the lives of their families, relatives, ancestors, friends, neighbors and associates. In the weekend training, students are taught what a problem is, where the problems are located, how to solve different kinds of problems using over twenty-five problem solving processes and how to really take good care of themselves. The underlying emphasis in the training is on being 100% responsible for themselves and for what happens in their lives and for solving problems effortlessly.

The wonder of the updated Ho’oponopono process is that you get to meet yourself anew each moment, and you get to appreciate more and more with each application of the process the renewing miracle of LOVE.

I operate my life and my relationships according to the following insights:

1. The physical universe is an actualization of my thoughts.
2. If my thoughts are cancerous, they create a cancerous physical reality.
3. If my thoughts are perfect, they create a physical reality brimming with LOVE.
4. I am 100% responsible for creating my physical universe the way it is.
5. I am 100% responsible for correcting the cancerous thoughts that create a diseased reality.
6. There is no such thing as out there. Everything exists as thoughts in my mind.


Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len has been practicing the updated Ho’oponopono since November of 1982. He was taught the process by Kahuna Lapa’au Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, who was designated a Living Treasure of Hawaii in 1983. He was staff psychologist in the forensic unit for the criminally mentally ill at Hawaii State Hospital for several years. He has taught the updated Ho’oponopono around the world and at the United Nations several times. Dr. Hew Len has a doctorate from the University of Iowa.


Update: My Weird Indy Publishing Project: BURNOUT t0 BLISS series

After a few days’ break from My Weird Indy publishing Project — writing and publishing Book 1 of the Burnout to Bliss series, I’m ready to get back in the saddle on Monday, 1/15/2017.

If I’ve got the reins, I’ll be “outlining” — brainstorming story beats for Book 2. If I’m in charge, I’ll be writing the draft in 30 days or less, as if it were a NaNoWriMo experience.

Join me for the thrill of discovering who’s in charge on this one.

“Till next time, please be kind to everyone you meet for we all have our hidden sorrows.” ~Tzaddi

You know, the first time I started saying that sentence, my signoff on this blog, it was a summary of observations of all the people I’ve known since my first awakening. Now, having read more about Ho’oponopono these past two days, I am reminded of everything I’ve learned about consciousness so far. All these voices are saying the same thing! I’m about to write a book that will include mystical experiences where I experienced that Oneness, and boy, oh boy, am I having fun! And I am totally cool about not being in charge on this journey. ~Pam






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