My Weird Indie Project: BOOK COVER poll

The book cover is part of the metadata that helps readers find your book. It’s what they see when they type in their keywords searching for books on their topic.  Importance? HUGE!

My tiny book description is:

BURNOUT– How a desert lizard restored my faith is a personal memoir about the madness I experienced with extreme burnout and how camping with Indian shamans in Mexico renewed my commitment to life.

Please help me identify which of these two works best.




TOP one?  or Bottom one?

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Next: About the LAUNCH… What is it? Why must we do it? How can I help?

Till next time: Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi



2 responses to “My Weird Indie Project: BOOK COVER poll

  1. Both are well done and beautifully colored, and…The top design is more appealing in its graphic creativity, placement of objects on the page, and use of background color rendering. The sky colors in the top model are emphasized to better advantage. Most noticeable is the lizard tail weaving through the title, which becomes part of the intrigue for the potential reader, hinting of the story within. Brilliant design! Hope this helps. Joey


  2. Thanks for your excellent artistic perspective, Joey!

    I have to tell the artist soon (preferably today) and have been torn between following the poll results and acting on my first impression — to choose te first one with the tail woven through the word. Popular vote on Facebook was for the other one. Commenters pointed out the lizard foot stamping out burnout and the tail underlining my name.

    Now I must consider the issue again! Yikes!


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