Take 2: Help, Please? Revised Title Poll

This is #4 in the “Weird Publishing Project” series.  It’s time for me to choose a title.  Will you help me?

About the book:

This is the first of a four-book series entitled Burnout to Bliss.

The first book is about an experience that lasted several years–one that was labeled by professionals as severe burnout, spiritual crisis, and dark night of the soul.  It’s a personal story, a memoir, and is about my experience–how I responded to what was going on at that time.  Anyone else mentioned in the book is just another actor who agreed to be in the play that was my life almost thirty years ago!

Snatched from the INTRODUCTION to that book:

Purpose and goals (the big WHY?)

My purpose in sharing this story with readers is to illustrate the concept of professionally-diagnosed burn-out, a.k.a. nervous breakdown or “dark night of the soul”, from the inside-out—by one who had the experience.  I want to shed some light on that path for another traveler, the primary goal for any memoir.  I don’t think I’m special, despite the fact that one reader commented that my story was stranger than fiction.  By sharing my story, I’m hoping to reassure anyone having a similar experience that they’re never alone, that they are more than okay, that no matter what they’ve experienced, they will get to the other side if they hold on to that desire, and that they will have all the help they need for their journey… if they choose accept it.


The entire story of my journey from burn-out to recovery is told over a series of continuous “break-away” jaunts that not only changed my life, but which undoubtedly saved it.

            Book 1:  shows how “it’s never just one thing”, steps I took to survive the worst year of my life, how I faced and overcame fear, and how a chatty desert lizard restored my faith.

Book 2 represents the first actual break-away from my job, leaving with no plans and one paycheck to start my journey in California with bicycling and studying A Course in Miracles, and then camping again with Mexican Indian shamans before moving to British Columbia.

Book 3 relates my two months in Kripalu Center for Yoga and Heath in Lenox, Massachusetts where I learned how to take care of myself mentally, physically, and spiritually and acquired new skills to help others.

Book 4 is the collection of lessons learned, seen from a wiser perspective twenty-seven years later, including the spiritual analysis of what actually happened—it is the bookend for that long journey of forgiveness with my Nemesis.

Because I sometimes use the word enlightenment, let me quickly clarify my understanding of that process.  According to one of my teachers:

            If a bird flew back and forth across the Himalayas with a silk scarf in its beak, the length of time it would take it to wear down the mountains is how long it takes for enlightenment.

Is that enough voter prep?  Okay!  Here we go!

Instructions:  Please comment with your choice by selecting 1 Main title and 1 Subtitle

Example:  3-A


by creating your own title and subtitle.

Example:  My Dark Night of the Soul:  How a chatty desert lizard restored my faith

Main title

  1.  Out of the Darkness
  2.  Blazing Through Burnout
  3.  Blazing Thru Burnout
  4.  Naked Burnout


A. How a desert lizard restored my faith

B.  How a desert lizard snapped me out of my darkness and restored my faith

C.  How it Took a Quest for Answers, the Wisdom of a Lizard, and Introspection, to Restore   My Faith

D.  How My Quest for Answers and a Lizard’s Wisdom Restored My Faith

E.  How a Spiritual Seeker Crashed and Burned, and Got Rescued by a Desert Lizard

Please, will you help me choose a title?

Good titles are crucial in helping readers find books.  I have not yet been successful in helping readers find mine.  I need your help!

Thank you! ~Dr. Pam Young

And remember…

“Be kind to everyone you meet for we all have our hidden sorrows.” ~Tzaddi.

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2 responses to “Take 2: Help, Please? Revised Title Poll

  1. Blazing Through Burnout
    How it Took a Quest for Answers, the Wisdom of a Lizard, and Introspection, to Restore My Faith


  2. Wow! Thanks so much!


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