New blog alert

In this miraculous moment, I am vibrating in joy with renewed commitment to write my awakening story that happened almost thirty years ago.

I joined an online school to learn how to write without sounding like a stuffy old professor, have been learning  the peculiarities of book marketing as an indie enough to dare to publish again, and have made so many far-reaching friends this past month I feel loved by the universe!

If you’re still following this blog, despite it’s dismantled state prior to extinction altogether, it’s my pleasure to announce that YES, I will, in fact, do another one–new, and no doubt with my name.  And YES I am writing the story of my awakening, round two, that includes all the weirdness of Day Visions, Night Visions, OBE’s,  NDEs, and total surrender after facing FEAR in the desert with Mexican Indian shamans.


The book:

It’s happening now, in the privacy of my home.  I realized last week that this story cannot be shared with others until it’s complete.

The blog:

If you’re following here or my twitter handle, @DrPamYoung, you’ll be the first to know.

SkatingThru2012 will continue until the new blog is launched (nothing fancy, just a more appropriate name with more geek stuff).  It doesn’t expire until April, but the new blog will happen way sooner than that–as soon as I can get it done.  The next post on SkatingThru2012 will be the link to the new blog.

Posts on the new blog will be about the awakening book and the process used to launch it.

“OMG!  That is so scary!  What if it fails? What if YOU fail!?”

“That’s certainly a possibility, but if you’re not following, you won’t know.”

One more time:

The next post on SkatingThru2012 will be the link to the new blog.

Til then–

Be kind to everyone, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Pam












2 responses to “New blog alert

  1. Yay! Waiting expectantly my friend!


  2. Thanks, Sherry! I’m having the time of my life with zip attachment to outcome.


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