Is Anyone There?

IMG_0011Thanks for your requests to resume this unknown blog, this out-of-the-way place where I let my stunted writer-self play.  I’ve written hundreds of articles about manifesting and about life and how I’ve tried to navigate it– from living next to construction to coping with elbow and shoulder surgeries (alone, living upstairs with no washer or dryer).

Not saying I’m done grieving the loss of a best friend, because it is what it is.  I am saying that I’m writing again!

As of mid-July I joined a group of writers online who are very supportive of one another.  Next thing I knew, I was playing with the notion of writing my walkabout story from 1988-1991–how I thrived for a couple of years with no plans, no money besides my last paycheck.

Well, that turned into a huge experience because the story that is emerging isn’t the simple story I planned to tell, isn’t the one I could have written in two weeks.

I soon discovered that little story was just the tip of a ginormous iceberg of unhealed icky crap.   Instead of simply relating “how I did that thing”, telling my story has morphed into a very real, very raw healing journey, and I gained ten pounds eating pints of ice cream every day just thinking about it.

I’ll share that story here if there’s enough interest, and you can help me write it.

Anyone on-board?

If you want to read it first, here, while it’s being written, commit to the journey with a comment now.  You’ll be my team and I’ll expect you to participate–to comment on each post with your opinions about what you’ve read–what you liked, what was confusing, how it could be improved.

If five people do, I’ll tell the story here as I’m writing it and make you an offer for a free book when it’s launched sometime before Christmas. The book will happen either way–a final gift for my lost friend.

I’ll let you think about it, just let this dangle in the ether for a while, then check in next Tuesday, August 16.  If the five don’t show up, I’ll officially cancel this blog, because it has already served its purpose.

Either way, no worries.

Make yours a wonderful week and be kind to everyone you meet for we all have our hidden sorrows.

Pam, a.k.a. Tzaddi


One response to “Is Anyone There?

  1. Well, it’s Tuesday and no one showed up. Truth: I checked yesterday and when I saw no comment, I completed the deletion of almost 300 posts. Still, some part of me imagined someone would show up. No worries, colleagues didn’t show up for the surprise birthday party a student put together years ago, and it was the very best party I’d ever had.

    This is the official end of–an experiment intended for a year that lasted five.

    Make yours a wonderful week and be kind to everyone you meet for we all have our hidden sorrows.

    Pam, a.k.a. Tzaddi


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